Marine Surveying

Pre-Sales/Purchase, Damage & Hull and Machinery Surveys:
A comprehensive inspection of your vessel is recommended whenever you purchase or sell your watercraft. The condition and operation of the watercraft is ascertained. Structural integrity, fuel systems, electrical systems including navigational equipment, propulsion systems, auxiliary and engine machinery, as well as overall maintenance and appearance is assessed. A sea trial and out-of-water inspection is also performed. From the hull to the crow’s nest, each element of the boat is inspected and evaluated for condition. 


Cargo Inspection

 Cargo Surveys and Damage Assessments

A comprehensive inspection of your cargo to assess the cause and extent of damage, determine value of loss, obtain salvage bids, and determine liability.


Marine Consultant

Expert Witness Testimony, Fair Market Appraisals, 

Insurance Valuations, as well as Cargo Packaging, Securing and Loss Prevention. 


Snowmobile Surveying

Pre-Sales/Purchase, Damage & Machinery Survey

So, you're looking to purchase your first snowmobile and start experiencing one of the greatest sports on earth, or you're looking to trade up into your next new ride, get it surveyed.  Why?  Surveys tell you what you're buying and how much it will cost to fix BEFORE you buy.  Think that snowmobile is a great deal?  Let us check it out so your sled is ready to go from the first snowfall.  Nothing but powder.